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Food & Drink: Exploring the Craft Brewing Scene in South Georgian Bay

South Georgian Bay Brews

Set amidst the stunning backdrop of South Georgian Bay, a burgeoning craft beer revolution is brewing, captivating locals and visitors alike with its flavourful offerings, innovative brews, and vibrant community spirit. From Collingwood to Wasaga Beach, the region’s craft breweries are making waves, crafting unique beers that reflect the area’s natural beauty, rich heritage, and creative ethos.

A Brewpub Haven in Collingwood:

At the heart of South Georgian Bay’s craft beer scene lies Collingwood, a picturesque town known for its outdoor adventures and vibrant culinary scene. Here, craft breweries like Black Bellows, The Collingwood Brewery and Side Launch Brewing Company have established themselves as local institutions, drawing beer enthusiasts from near and far.

The Collingwood Brewery, housed in a historic grain elevator overlooking the Collingwood harbour, offers a diverse lineup of beers inspired by the region’s natural surroundings. From their flagship Downhill Pale Ale to seasonal specialties like the Gateway K├Âlsch and Rockwell Pilsner, each brew is crafted with care, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Meanwhile, Side Launch Brewing Company, located in a former shipyard warehouse, pays homage to Collingwood’s maritime heritage with its nautically themed taproom and award-winning beers. With a focus on traditional German brewing techniques and quality craftsmanship, Side Launch has garnered acclaim for its Bavarian-style Wheat Beer, Dark Lager, and Mountain Lager, among others.

Discover Collingwood’s hidden gem:

Black Bellows Brewery. Tucked away in the heart of town, Black Bellows crafts small-batch brews that ignite the senses. With a commitment to quality and creativity, each sip is an adventure.

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Creative Innovation in Wasaga Beach:

Just a short drive from Collingwood, Wasaga Beach is home to its own thriving craft brewing scene, with breweries like Wasaga Beach Brewing Company leading the charge. Founded by a group of friends with a passion for brewing, this community-focused brewery prides itself on its commitment to quality, creativity, and sustainability.

At Wasaga Beach Brewing Company, visitors can sample a wide range of beers, from classic ales and lagers to experimental brews infused with locally sourced ingredients. Whether it’s their refreshing Blonde Ale, hop-forward IPA, or seasonal fruit-infused creations, each beer reflects the brewery’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavour and innovation.

Embracing Local Flavour in Thornbury:

Further west, the quaint town of Thornbury is making a name for itself in the craft beer world, thanks to Thornbury Craft Cider & Beer. Situated in a historic apple processing facility overlooking the Beaver Valley, this brewery and cidery celebrates the region’s agricultural heritage with its lineup of handcrafted beers and ciders.

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From crisp and refreshing ciders made with locally grown apples to traditional English-style ales and stouts, Thornbury Craft offers something for every palate. Visitors can enjoy a pint in the brewery’s cozy taproom or soak up the sunshine on the outdoor patio, all while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Savouring the South Georgian Bay Brewscape

As South Georgian Bay’s craft brewing scene continues to flourish, each brewery brings its own unique flavour and flair to the region, creating a vibrant array of tastes that reflect the area’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and spirit of innovation. Whether it’s enjoying a pint overlooking the Collingwood harbour, sampling experimental brews in Wasaga Beach, or sipping cider amidst Thornbury’s apple orchards, one thing is certain: South Georgian Bay’s craft breweries offer a deliciously refreshing glimpse into the region’s rich brewing tradition and bright future.

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