Profile: Carolyn Gott


Located in the heart of Grey County, the charming town of Markdale has welcomed a delightful addition to its local business landscape — JJMJ; a new embroidery shop that promises to weave creativity into the fabric of the community. This quaint yet vibrant town, often celebrated for its tight-knit community and scenic surroundings, now boasts a haven for those who find joy in the art of needlework, custom swag and embroidery, as well as everyday fashion items for men and women.

JJMJ, nestled on the south side of Markdale’s picturesque street Main St. West, is quickly becoming a focal point for locals seeking to infuse their lives with the beauty of a customized corduroy hat or a sweatshirt with your pet’s face stitched into it.

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As the town embraces this new venture, residents are discovering the joy of personalized and handcrafted creations that tell stories unique to Markdale’s residents and the town, itself. Enter the ingenious Tote Bags showcasing an artist’s impression of Markdale’s Main Street West, South Side.

According to JJMJ Owner, Carolyn Gott, she and her staff are passionate about sewing and crafting, and it’s a fun way to express their creativity. “Through embroidery and screen printing, we cater to a local niche market by offering logos and images that have meaning to individuals, businesses or events,” Gott explains. “Each order is personal and has its own story to tell. Customers trust us to bring their brand to life in the form of wearable merchandise and swag.”

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The arrival of JJMJ has added a layer of charm to Markdale, bringing a touch of artistry that resonates with the community’s appreciation for craftsmanship. This sentiment echoes the town’s sentiment, emphasizing the shop’s role in fostering a sense of local pride.

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