Profile: Mandy Russell

Mandy Russell: Garage13, Eugenia

Nestled near the Eugenia Falls in the Beaver Valley, Mandy Russell’s destination gift shop, cafe, and event space – Garage13 – has become a beacon for those seeking a blend of charm and uniqueness in every present. As a Toronto expat turned full-time Eugenia resident, Mandy has infused her love for the community into a carefully curated space that transcends the ordinary.

This charming gift shop is more than just a retail space; it’s a reflection of Russell’s passion for the local culture and her commitment to creating a haven of carefully chosen treasures. From artisanal crafts to locally sourced goodies, each item tells a tale of the Beaver Valley’s rich story.

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Russell warmly shares memories of her motivation to leave city life behind, “Have you been to the Beaver Valley? I remember when I started coming up here in about 2017. Something happens to you when you cross Highway 89 and keep going north. The air feels different, the trees look different and the people, well, there is a state of a slower pace. Smiles are bigger, shoulders are dropped and there is true excitement to get to your destination. Whether you come here for a weekend, a season, or have been here forever, Grey County has some pretty amazing offerings at every compass point. It was enough to push us to move here in 2021,” Russell recalls.

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Garage13 not only serves as a retail haven but also as a community gathering space, where locals and visitors alike can connect over shared stories and appreciation for the Beaver Valley. In the heart of Eugenia, Garage13 stands as a testament to Mandy Russell’s dedication to making every gift-giving moment an unforgettable experience, where each item carries the warmth and authenticity of the Beaver Valley’s welcoming spirit.

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