Riding Back To Dreams – A Short Story By: Jane Stevens

Riding Back to Dreams

The Forbidden Meadow

Once upon a time, in a quaint little town nestled between rolling hills and lush green meadows, lived a young girl named Emily. From the moment she could remember, Emily’s heart belonged to horses. Their graceful gallops, powerful presence, and gentle nuzzles captivated her soul. However, her love for these magnificent creatures was not shared by her mother, Eleanor, whose heart was as cold as the winter winds that swept through their small farm.

Dreams Dashed

Eleanor, a bitter woman with a sharp tongue and a disdain for anything that didn’t fit into her narrow vision of success, viewed Emily’s passion for horses as a frivolous distraction. She saw no value in it, dismissing it as a childish whim that would only lead to disappointment. Instead, she pushed Emily towards academic pursuits, grooming her to take over the family business one day.

The Encounter

Despite her mother’s discouragement, Emily couldn’t suppress her love for horses. She would steal moments away from her studies to visit the local stable, where she would lose herself in the presence of the magnificent creatures. It was there that she met Daniel, a young stable hand with a gentle smile and a deep love for horses that rivaled her own.

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Forbidden Love

Emily and Daniel’s friendship blossomed into love, but their happiness was short-lived as Eleanor vehemently opposed their relationship. To her, Daniel was beneath their station, a mere stable hand with no future to speak of. She forbade Emily from seeing him, threatening to disown her if she persisted.


Faced with the impossible choice between her mother’s approval and her own happiness, Emily made a daring decision. Under the cover of night, she fled her mother’s suffocating grasp, leaving behind the only life she had ever known in search of freedom and love.

The New Beginning

With Daniel by her side, Emily found refuge in a nearby town, where they built a life together filled with love and laughter. Though they faced many challenges along the way, their bond only grew stronger with each passing day. Yet, despite the happiness she found with Daniel, Emily never forgot her first love – horses.

A Second Chance

Years passed, and Emily’s longing for horses never waned. One day, while exploring the countryside with Daniel and their children, they stumbled upon a forgotten meadow where a herd of wild horses roamed free. It was a sight that took Emily’s breath away, reigniting the spark of her childhood dreams.

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Rekindling Passion

With Daniel’s unwavering support, Emily embarked on a journey to reconnect with her childhood passion. Together, they bought a small farm on the outskirts of town, where they could raise their children surrounded by the beauty of nature and the companionship of horses.

Overcoming Obstacles

However, Eleanor’s shadow loomed large over Emily’s newfound happiness. Determined to assert control over her daughter once more, she launched a campaign of manipulation and sabotage, seeking to tear apart everything Emily had worked so hard to build.

The Power of Love

But Emily was no longer the helpless girl she once was. With Daniel by her side and the love of her children to guide her, she found the strength to stand up to her mother at last. In a dramatic confrontation that echoed with years of resentment and pain, Emily finally broke free from Eleanor’s hold, reclaiming her independence and her right to pursue her own happiness.

Riding Towards the Sunset

As the sun set on the meadow, Emily mounted her favourite horse, feeling the familiar thrill of freedom coursing through her veins. With Daniel and their children cheering her on from the sidelines, she rode off into the horizon, her heart filled with gratitude for the journey that had brought her here – a journey of love, courage, and the enduring power of dreams.

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