Profile West Queen West

Sevag Aksu, Owner at Bebop Joe’s in West Queen West

Words & Photography: Morgan Vidakovic

Bebop Like No Other

Sevag Aksu has created his version of a local artist hotspot for all talents to be showcased, appreciated, and experienced. The wholesome culture and the foundation of vintage art are portrayed in every trinket, photo and piece of musical history within those walls. Sev did a phenomenal job to  best showcase  all genres of artistic originality.

Aksu’s multitude of years in the film industry and his experience in post production played a huge role in the carefully curated design, not only for the atmosphere, but also the everyday life goal of supporting the artist walking through his door. He was able to create such a beautiful space where the sounds can be best heard. The visual layout and design of the entire shop lend themselves to those performances being put on and  adds great character to the art being shared.

“I would consider it to be a life goal of mine to build the community, even going further, the artist voices within our community.” states Aksu. 

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The creative vision and determination showcased by the owner and experienced by every guest walking through the doors of the once-record-shop maintain their vintage magical tone. All the while showcasing newer upcoming talent with an incredible variety of coffee house performances, slam poetry, officiated nights, and an absolute revolving door of inspiration and creative innovation.



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Bebop Joe’s coffee shop is not only an inspiring place to start your day, but it’s also a fine away to wind down while experience Sevag’s unique taste in all things art. Weather that be the timeless records playing throughout the shop or the local performances taking place across varying artistic genres, the night never sleeps in a big city filled with undiscovered talent.



Bebop Joe’s is located in the heart of West Queen West at 960  Queen St. West, and features live performances weekly.

Events and updates are always posted on the Cafe Instagram.

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