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Trevor Mathers, Head Butcher at Collingwood’s Blue Ridge Meats

Savoury Bliss: Collingwood’s Destination Butcher Shop

Located at the north end of Downtown Collingwood, a town renowned for its picturesque landscapes and winter wonderland charm, a destination butcher shop has emerged as the culinary haven for those seeking the perfect cuts for an evening of barbecuing or a cozy chalet experience. Blue Ridge Meats is redefining the art of meat selection, making it an essential stop for anyone looking to elevate their dinner gatherings.

Quaint and inviting, BRM, as it’s known locally, has quickly become a destination butcher shop for visitors gearing up for seasonal retreats. The artesian craft of butchering lives strong in Collingwood.

Why does Trevor Mathers do what he does?

“Because I like food and it’s fun…and it’s all I’ve ever done.” Explains Mathers, Head Butcher at Blue Ridge Meats, who has been working in butcher shops from the age of 9.

So if anyone needs their meat questions answered, of which I’m sure there are many, Mathers is your man.

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This Collingwood butcher shop transforms into a haven for those seeking premium cuts of locally sourced meats. The owner, passionate about supporting local farmers, of which he is one, raises his own heard of Wagyu cattle – a specialty at BRM – on a nearby farm in Grey County.

“We can do it all,” explains Mathers. “Customers come in all the time for different things.”

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With an array of marbled steaks, succulent sausages, and expertly prepared roasts, Blue Ridge Meats caters to the discerning tastes.



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